Wax Melt Tips & Tricks!

Our wax melts are one of our most popular products. Fun-sized melts made from premium coconut wax are a great way to sample new scents and get your hands on seasonal specialities. Seeing as they’re a fan-favorite, we wanted to share our go-to guide to caring for your wax warmer and getting the most out of each Just Be product. 

Just Be’s Wax Melt Tips & Tricks

  • As tempting as it is to fill your home with your favorite scent at every hour, turn your candle warmer off after no more than 4 hours continuous use for the best burn. When warmers are left on for longer periods of time, the scent begins to rapidly evaporate from the wax. To help your wax melt burn stronger longer, let it rest (and burn your favorite Just Be woodwick candle instead)!
  • When your wax melt is running low, get experimental! Throw in a different scent to create your very own custom melt. Check out our Scent Test Kitchen blog post for ideas on ways to mix-and-match your favorite melts. If making your own blend feels a bit too daunting, consider trying our Butter Bars. Made for warmers and with the same premium coconut wax, our Butter Bars blend 2 or 3 of our favorite scents to create something completely new. 
  • When your melt has finally called it quits, place cotton balls in the warming dish for easy clean up! Safety first-- turn your warmer off before adding the cotton balls to the dish. Place the cotton in the dish while the wax is still liquid; it will soak up the wax for easy disposal, and your wax warmer will be good as new. If clean-up is too much of a hassle, consider trying our Wickless Candles! Like wax melts, Wickless Candles are made to be melted rather than burned. Each of our Wickless Candles comes in its own 6.5 oz jar for a convenient candle experience.