• What type of wax do you use?
    • Each of our candles is handmade with a premium coconut & apricot wax blend. This naturally rich wax produces a clean burn that will last hours longer than your favorite brands, has an unforgettable scent throw and container adhesion, and keeps its gorgeous, creamy and glossy appearance. Our candles are all cruelty-free, non-toxic and contain no lead, plastics, paraben, or phthalates.
  • What type of wicks do you use?
    • Consistent with our quality, we primarily utilize wood wicks made from natural, responsibly harvested soft wood in our candles. Wooden wicks are more sustainable than cotton wicks, as thousands of wicks can be attained from a single tree. They give off an amazing crackle sound that's similar to a fireplace, and burn more evenly and produce less soot from beginning to end than traditional wicks.
    • There are cotton wicks in some of our available candles, but these candles are not part of our ongoing collections. 
  • Why should I trim the wick and only burn your candles for 4-5 hours at a time?
    • These are common instructions and good practices for any candle and are meant to prolong a candle’s burn time. A longer wick creates a larger flame, a larger flame melts the wax faster, and the wax melts faster than the wick burns away. So the longer your candle burns, the larger the flame gets, causing your candle to melt faster and faster. Keeping the wick trimmed and burning 4-5 hours at a time slows everything down so you get a longer burn time. Additionally, burning your candle for 4-5 hours at a time ensures that the wax melts all the way to the edge of the container. The melted wax (not the flame) is what gives off your candle’s scent, so this will maximize your candle’s scent when lit. It will also prevent your candle from “tunneling”, or burning a hole down the center of the candle while leaving a ring of un-melted wax along the inside of the container.
  • Where do you get your materials?
    • We source all of our materials from companies here in the US.
  • Where are your candles made?
    • All of our candles are hand-poured and hand-packaged in our workshop in Jamestown, Ohio. Check out our about us page for information about our team of sisters.
  • Do you have an in-person store that I can visit?
    • Yes we do! Our workshop is located at 6237 State Route 734 Jamestown, Ohio 45335. Our hours of operation are Thursday through Saturday 12pm-6pm.
  • Is your in-person store safe to visit during the COVID pandemic?
    • Yes. We sanitize all surfaces in our workshop daily. We also limit the number of customers in our store at a single time to maintain safe social distancing.


  • Do you take custom orders / bulk orders?
    • Any custom orders will take AT LEAST 4 weeks because our wax has to cure for 10-14 days and are dependent on what materials we need to order or have on hand. If you are interested, contact us on our 'contact us' page and we will work with you to determine if your order is manageable and what the turn around time would be. 
  • What should I do if my item was damaged in shipping?
    • All measures are taken to ensure that your products arrive safely, but occasionally damage can still occur during shipping. If your package was damaged, you must contact us WITHIN 7 DAYS. Please save all of the original packaging materials so that a claim can be filed with the shipping provider, if applicable. 
    • If the package itself appears undamaged, but the items inside are damaged, we may issue a replacement or refund at out discretion, provided you contact us within 7 days. 
  • What should I do if I received the incorrect item or quantity?
    • While we do our absolute best to ensure order accuracy, mistakes can still happen. If you receive the wrong type of item or quantity, you must contact us within 7 days to report the error. We will gladly issue the correct item or quantity as appropriate.
  • How quickly will my order ship?
    • We use USPS and UPS for all of our shipping. We have a 1-2 day processing window, but then standard carrying times apply. We ship from our Jamestown, Ohio location.