About Us

A few years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Though I'm in remission now, the treatment process was filled with challenges and doubts. I was feeling depressed while driving to radiation treatment one day when the song "Just Be Held" by Casting Crowns came on the radio. It touched something inside me, and when I got home, I played it over and over. I cried a good cry that I had needed for a long time. And from that moment, my two beautiful sisters Valerie & Gina, and I formed Just Be Candles & Crafts.

The time after my cancer I found was scary and uncertain, but healthcare outreach had changed so dramatically since my sister, Valerie, was diagnosed years earlier. The Jamestown Cancer Center was a beacon of warmth during my treatment that made sure I knew I was supported in my community. They sent me beautiful cards with encouraging words from people I didn't even know; they gave me gas cards so I could get to my month-long radiation treatments; they checked on me to see if I needed help getting medicine or groceries.

The Jamestown Cancer Center was gentle and kind in the face of my diagnosis. It's Just Be's hope to give back in a way we know will brighten the homes of our friends and neighbors. For every Cancer Specialty labeled wax melt .75  will be donated to the Jamestown Cancer Center in an effort to reciprocate the support I received from my community. Through Just Be Candles & Crafts, our family wants to be able to bring warmth and light to yours. Our wish for you is for you to always "Just Be Held."


With Much Love,



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